The peculiarities of sheep

Getting up at dawn is a habit that is acquired with difficulty, but just this once I couldn’t resist the opportunity to count sheep in a field instead of under the quilt.

Usually the sheep go up a mountain for breakfast, but this time my husband took them down to graze for a few hours in a recently harvested field of barley. Maybe it was this absence of mountain that encouraged me and my (now mended) legs and buttocks into such an early stroll.

The early start is to avoid the heat of the day as the sheep tend to act peculiar when they become too hot. They stop what they are doing and follow each other round in a circle, head to tail for hours on end, like stubborn kids playing some obscure party game. They will do this in full sun, even if there is shade a few metres away and once they begin it is practically impossible to stop them until the weather cools down. Or until they do.

Believe me, it is not really the sort of thing that you want happening when you are stuck up a mountain miles from the sheep barn.

Not that I’ve ever had first hand experience of course.

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8 Responses to The peculiarities of sheep

  1. tut-tut says:

    Beautiful photos. I love the light as you’ve captured it.

  2. meredith says:

    It is so pretty where you live.

  3. David says:

    Love the sheep, thank you!


  4. J. says:

    Hmmm. When I get bewildered, I start walking around pointlessly in circles. Maybe I’m part sheep.

  5. Hexe says:

    I find that hot weather makes me unable to focus and I too wander about as the temperature climbs. I just wish where I was wandering was as beautiful as those photos!

  6. Sarah says:

    Lovely pictures! It makes me want to come where you live to work my dog. He’d love it.

  7. Ice Cream says:

    If I had your sheep I wouldn’t mind my insomnia so much. =)

  8. Sheep and peculiar…two words that go together so well 🙂

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