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The hired help

Nobody loves the sheep as much as our two sheepdogs, Flossy and Elfie. And nobody enjoys going to work as much as they do. The highlight of their day is when the doors to the sheep barn open and the … Continue reading

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When Little Bo Peep (almost) lost her sheep

“Rrrrrrrr tay” I trilled, trying to copy the way that French shepherds rolled their r’s in a sort of high-pitched Spanish accent when they called their sheep. “Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr” The sheep stayed imobile at the edge of the field poised to … Continue reading

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Playing tag

I made it up to the sheep barn today just in time to see the last lamb of the morning being tagged. French bureaucrats make one hell of a meal (no pun intended) out of lamb traceability and every year the requirements become … Continue reading

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Skiing outside the sheep barn

There’s still plenty of action going on inside the sheep barn at the moment. We now have about 220 lambs (and counting) and of course their 270 mothers. Which keeps my husband and the dogs busy for most of the … Continue reading

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The peculiarities of sheep

Getting up at dawn is a habit that is acquired with difficulty, but just this once I couldn’t resist the opportunity to count sheep in a field instead of under the quilt. Usually the sheep go up a mountain for breakfast, but … Continue reading

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Meet the chief

After reading your comments on my last post about sexy shepherds and pinup boys, I thought it was time to introduce you to the rest of the talent on the farm. Meet Flossy, our Pyrenean sheepdog extraordinaire. I had considered … Continue reading

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