Breakfast on Le Pic de Bure

I didn’t think anything could be more difficult than hauling myself out of bed at 4am. Five hours later I revised that opinion. In terms of effort and sheer exhilaration, hauling myself up a mountain certainly beat the drop from mattress to floor.

Reaching the top, my legs groaned uncharitably, as I lowered myself onto a rock to study the view and the other walkers who had made it up before us. My husband cracked open a bottle of Côte du Rhone and dug to the bottom of the ruck-sack for the cured ham and saucisson. I avoided the incredulous stares from the others as they ate their cereal bars and raisins whilst we tucked into goat’s cheese and hard boiled eggs.

Our 8 year old son huddled under his coat from the wind. For some reason I have yet to fathom, we had made contingency plans for him, in case reaching the peak was beyond the capacities of his little legs. Those “little legs” however took him up the mountain at a trot and down it at a run.

Trying to keep up, I tripped on a rock on the way back. I sprained a finger, gouged my knees and acquired a bruise that has spread like an oil stain over my left buttock. Today, I can go no further than the chair in front of the computer. And to the freezer for ice-cream.

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9 Responses to Breakfast on Le Pic de Bure

  1. Mary Alice says:

    Breath taking. Simply breath taking. Feel better, ice cream heals all manner of wounds.

  2. tut-tut says:

    It’s like an entirely other planet up there! I think a glass of wine and some goat cheese would be the perfect accompaniment to such a view.

    Lucky you (until your fall; then poor your!).

  3. Wow, wow, wow. Gorgeous.

  4. meredith says:

    I have always wanted to hike there. We go to the Devoluy area almost every winter…maybe this year we can meet for a vin chaud 🙂

  5. Sounds good to me Meredith!

  6. Mouse says:

    Stunning views and worth the climb

    and I think your food is much better suited to such activity

  7. Spectacular shots! And oh the energy and stamina of youth. Sorry to hear of your, um, oil stain. Caring for my elderly mother who shares the same buttock problem, I know how sore that gets. Feel better and find a soft pillow to sit on.

  8. Ice Cream says:

    Oh, but it was so worth it for the pictures!!! Thank you for taking me with you on your “little” picinic.

  9. What a lovely eye you have for color, lighting, and layout. It is nice to read about your ventures too.

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