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Our highest field

The drought and heat of the summer are finally having repercussions on the land here. Apart from a couple of storms, we haven’t really had any rain since the beginning of June. The lack of water means that the grass … Continue reading

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WordPress weekly photo challenge – Near and Far

I took this whilst out hiking in Le Valgaudemar in the French Hautes-Alpes.

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Who’d go hiking in the northern Alps?

As far as tourism in the French Alps goes, the north wins the battle hands down. Everybody goes there. And that suits me just fine. Because unlike the more famous regions in higher parts of the Alps, Le Queyras, hidden in … Continue reading

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Camping in Le Queyras

“Sounds good” I’d said when the idea of camping had come up over after a couple of glasses of Pastis. The alcohol nicely fuzzing memories of school-enforced camping trips. It was only now, entombed in my sleeping bag like an Egyptian mummy, that the memories … Continue reading

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Breakfast on Le Pic de Bure

I didn’t think anything could be more difficult than hauling myself out of bed at 4am. Five hours later I revised that opinion. In terms of effort and sheer exhilaration, hauling myself up a mountain certainly beat the drop from … Continue reading

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