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The problem with hiking

I love hiking, but when we go walking in the mountains it’s usually a fairly solitary experience. The day I managed to get this shot of my husband, I was quite pleased with myself. I don’t usually manage to get … Continue reading

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Bastille Day

Yesterday was the 14th July which I think is one of France’s better bank holidays. Better because it falls during the holiday period and we usually have good weather for it. This year there was also the added bonus of … Continue reading

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Out of thyme

My nose has been hijacked for the last two months by hay fever, but even I  could smell the thyme on the way home from an early morning’s walk. The side of the hill was dotted with the stuff, the pink flowers still … Continue reading

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Wild boar, wolves and sheep

I thought hard about what to write in this post, my first in almost two years. I wanted to say something a little more personal –  less about the farm and more about me. Maybe something about my kids, or … Continue reading

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The Great Flood

The house has just been flooded and I can think of nothing that could bring me out of blogging hibernation quicker. Coming home from work and shopping to find neighbours sweeping water out of the front door has that sort of … Continue reading

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Too much snow?

Living in the Alps means that we have a fair bit of snow and I suppose that by now everyone should be used to it. But when we had almost 30 inches in 24 hours even the dogs were at a … Continue reading

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Snow fun

If you’re ever at a loss about what to do in 22 inches of snow, then here’s some advice: Step 1: Climb onto garden table Step 2:  Lauch yourself off Step 3: Repeat all afternoon Have a good weekend!

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