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Close encounters of the wild boar kind

The crashing in the undergrowth was accompanied by a lot snorting, squealing and excited barking. I’d already taken cover behind the biggest tree I could find at such short notice, but it had the diameter of a saucer and  I now … Continue reading

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Wild boar, wolves and sheep

I thought hard about what to write in this post, my first in almost two years. I wanted to say something a little more personal –  less about the farm and more about me. Maybe something about my kids, or … Continue reading

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The day they killed the pig

Something crunched underfoot as I crossed the courtyard and I was pleased that it was dark and that I couldn’t see the offending object. They had killed the pig here a few hours earlier and I was under no illusion … Continue reading

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Anyone for wild boar’s head?

“How about wild boar’s head?” he said, “we’ve still got one in the freezer. “ I stopped rifling through the cook book and stared at him, horrified. “What for New Year’s Eve? You must be joking.” He looked hurt. “I’ll cook … Continue reading

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