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Hay day

With all the storms, torrential rain, hail and flooding that we have had since the beginning of April, we were starting to wonder if we would ever manage to cut the hay, let alone bale it. But here they are … Continue reading

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As seen from the garden

I know that this blog is sheep, sheep and more sheep, but I just couldn’t resist this view from our garden yesterday evening. Up until now, I’ve always wondered why I never get anything done when the sheep are grazing next … Continue reading

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A wet goodbye

« You know they’ve lodged a complaint about the church bells ringing at night?” The man opposite me grumbled to his companion, banging his glass down on the table, his moustache twitching in outrage. “They’re almost as bad as that … Continue reading

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Walking on the moon

I sidled up to the edge of the plateau and looked over. A stream of pebbles carved a passageway down through slabs of worn stone, in a vertiginous descent towards the green smear of vegetation far below. I shuddered and … Continue reading

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