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Playing tag

I made it up to the sheep barn today just in time to see the last lamb of the morning being tagged. French bureaucrats make one hell of a meal (no pun intended) out of lamb traceability and every year the requirements become … Continue reading

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Too much snow?

Living in the Alps means that we have a fair bit of snow and I suppose that by now everyone should be used to it. But when we had almost 30 inches in 24 hours even the dogs were at a … Continue reading

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Introducing Figaro

Not all our new arrivals are woolly. This little chap was born a couple of weeks ago and apparently is set to become the next hunting dog extraordinaire. As an Ariegeois bloodhound, the onerous and delicate task of accompanying the various … Continue reading

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Sheep barn or maternity hospital?

The sheep barn has been transformed into an emergency maternity ward, with the lambs going through the same routine as any other baby. When they are born, they have their umbilical cord disinfected.. and if their mother doesn’t have enough milk.. … Continue reading


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