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My other life

By day, I’m an office manager. By night… …when no-one else is around to do it, I pick up my shepherd’s crook and do my best to bring this lot back to the sheep barn. My first difficulty is actually finding … Continue reading

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Bales, bales, bales…

Having been woken up at 6.30 this morning by what sounded suspiciously like a rave party about 10 miles down the road (yes, we do get rave parties in the Alps,) I decided to do the rounds of our fields and see … Continue reading

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Hay day

With all the storms, torrential rain, hail and flooding that we have had since the beginning of April, we were starting to wonder if we would ever manage to cut the hay, let alone bale it. But here they are … Continue reading

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As seen from the garden

I know that this blog is sheep, sheep and more sheep, but I just couldn’t resist this view from our garden yesterday evening. Up until now, I’ve always wondered why I never get anything done when the sheep are grazing next … Continue reading

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Playing tag

I made it up to the sheep barn today just in time to see the last lamb of the morning being tagged. French bureaucrats make one hell of a meal (no pun intended) out of lamb traceability and every year the requirements become … Continue reading

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Hitting the bottle

I abandoned my dearly beloved for a week to visit my sister, but it was business as usual in the sheep barn. Lambs were born and bottle fed when necessary.. ..and any leftovers always went to the most hardworking mutt. … Continue reading

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Sheep barn or maternity hospital?

The sheep barn has been transformed into an emergency maternity ward, with the lambs going through the same routine as any other baby. When they are born, they have their umbilical cord disinfected.. and if their mother doesn’t have enough milk.. … Continue reading

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