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The horse whisperer

For Wordless Wednesday

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The cheesemaker

“He’s not going away on a honeymoon” he said, pointing at his son who was stirring the milk in a huge wooden vat. “I didn’t go, so I don’t see why he should.” He turned and strolled over to look … Continue reading

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A tiny village called Las Vegas

« Sorry sweetheart, looks like you’re unlucky » I say, about to take the scratch card from her. “Wait a minute” says the owner of the Auberge, watching with bored interest from the other side of the counter “you’ve missed … Continue reading

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The farmer who came in from the cold

  A shadow fell across the page as he stood in front of the window, contemplating the grey sky and the horses tugging at the grass a few yards away. His red jumper didn’t quite cover his underpants and even … Continue reading

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