Bastille Day

Yesterday was the 14th July which I think is one of France’s better bank holidays.

Better because it falls during the holiday period and we usually have good weather for it. This year there was also the added bonus of fireworks.

One of the local villages, home to all of 90 people, put on a firework display they can be proud of.

So for once we were lucky enough to have some great fireworks almost on our doorstep. Even if they didn’t last very long…

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Anyone for a swim?

I apologise for the title of this post if it’s a bit misleading.

Because even on the hottest days, I never get any further than dipping my feet into most of these lakes.

I’d love to swim, but the problem is I have issues with cold water and…

… as the temperature hovers somewhere between 5 – 12°C, I’m too much of a wuss.

In fact, I’ve never managed to go in higher than my knees.

So all things considered, a title such as “My favourite mountain lakes” would probably have been more appropriate.

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Sunday mornings

The sheep head off into the mountains behind the farm nearly every morning. But on Sundays they graze in pastures next to our house

So I have the pleasure of waking up to the gentle sound of bells….

And that sure beats the alarm clock.

Happy Sunday everybody!

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Bees and lavender

I’ve always had a penchant for bees…..

..and lavender is one of my favourite plants.

And luckily there are plenty of both here at the moment.

And the good thing about bees, is that they wait quite patiently while you line them up for a photo.

Or they are do most of the time anyway…

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