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Goats, cheese…and olives

One of my mother-in-law’s goats has had quadruplets. This is good news for my mother-in-law, but tough if you happen to be a kid goat. They are a rare delicacy here and I imagine that at least one of them … Continue reading

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Bathroom Tails

A collective shriek of terror echoed off the walls and had me hurtling into the bathroom at a gallop that wasn’t bad for seven thirty in the morning. My daughter was crouched on the edge of the bath, gripping the … Continue reading

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It all started with a truffle

Standing at the sink, arms plunged to the elbows in muddy water and a swirling mass of dandelion leaves; I wonder how I have managed to get myself into this state of self-inflicted drudgery. In fact it all started with … Continue reading

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Mighty mouse returns

The last rodent lodger to take up residence in our house was evicted with great difficulty, but I think that one of his close relatives has now launched a major offensive above our bedroom. At four o’clock this morning we were … Continue reading

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Mushroom picking – a dangerous occupation

Hunting season here is in full swing. At the weekends, the surrounding countryside resounds with the sound of explosions and the subsequent echoes off the mountains make the whole area sound like a war zone. Wild boar (see this post) are … Continue reading

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Wild boar at midnight

The sangliers came at midnight. I wasn’t sure if it was their low grunting that woke me or my husband’s colourful list of expletives. Being a farmer with multiple crop damage from wild boar, he obviously didn’t appreciate the fact … Continue reading

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