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The beam of light swept slowly across the field, then came to an abrupt halt. “Bloody Hell” said my husband, flicking the switch quickly, “there must be at least fifteen of them.” He closed the window and put the old … Continue reading

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Chicken Run

« Clear Off! » I yelled, as I launched myself out of the door in a full frontal attack. The dog, who had been dozing on the mat, suddenly sprang into action, throwing herself eagerly into the midst of the … Continue reading

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France’s most wanted

We now have our very own Fort Knox on the farm. Unlike its U.S. counterpart however, ours was not built to protect against two-legged robbers, but as a stronghold against four-legged ones. The new, French Fort Knox contains gold bullion … Continue reading

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Goats, cheese…and olives

One of my mother-in-law’s goats has had quadruplets. This is good news for my mother-in-law, but tough if you happen to be a kid goat. They are a rare delicacy here and I imagine that at least one of them … Continue reading

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