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Bees and lavender

I’ve always had a penchant for bees….. ..and lavender is one of my favourite plants. And luckily there are plenty of both here at the moment. And the good thing about bees, is that they wait quite patiently while you … Continue reading

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Close encounters of the wild boar kind

The crashing in the undergrowth was accompanied by a lot snorting, squealing and excited barking. I’d already taken cover behind the biggest tree I could find at such short notice, but it had the diameter of a saucer and  I now … Continue reading

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How (not) to photograph butterflies

Stage 1 : Follow butterfly 300 yards backwards and forwards across field. Climb over electric fence to next field avoiding electrocution if possible. Clamber back over fence when butterfly decides the grass is greener in first field. Stage 2: When butterfly alights on … Continue reading

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The day they killed the pig

Something crunched underfoot as I crossed the courtyard and I was pleased that it was dark and that I couldn’t see the offending object. They had killed the pig here a few hours earlier and I was under no illusion … Continue reading

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The beam of light swept slowly across the field, then came to an abrupt halt. “Bloody Hell” said my husband, flicking the switch quickly, “there must be at least fifteen of them.” He closed the window and put the old … Continue reading

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Chicken Run

« Clear Off! » I yelled, as I launched myself out of the door in a full frontal attack. The dog, who had been dozing on the mat, suddenly sprang into action, throwing herself eagerly into the midst of the … Continue reading

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France’s most wanted

We now have our very own Fort Knox on the farm. Unlike its U.S. counterpart however, ours was not built to protect against two-legged robbers, but as a stronghold against four-legged ones. The new, French Fort Knox contains gold bullion … Continue reading

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