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The neighbour

The summons lay on the table. Printed on canary yellow paper it could have been an invitation for a birthday party, rather than an invite to Court one day and some distant part of me wondered if it would be … Continue reading

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The village

This is my village. Can you see how the sun reflects off the walls and red terracotta roofs? Doesn’t it look peaceful, at the foot of that mountain, far from the rat-race and the trauma of urban living? A haven … Continue reading

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Quick! My internet connection seems to be showing a glimmer of life. Who knows whether this is due to Divine Intervention or whether my provider finally managed to get those spare parts from China. To be fair, violent storms have … Continue reading

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Election Day at last and our annual trip to the village bar. Not being a French citizen, I do not have the right to vote. My husband however, had the onerous task of not only selecting the future President, but … Continue reading

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Driving you mad

News generally goes round our village like wildfire, but unusually today, it didn’t move as fast as the cars that got caught by the speed trap. For the first time ever, the gendarmes put up a speed check a couple … Continue reading

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One of the lads

I am still amazed by the local habit of making lifelong character judgements based of  what you drink for an aperitif. My own reputation went down the pan in this way, when I arrived in the Alps 13 years ago. … Continue reading

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