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Bastille Day

Yesterday was the 14th July which I think is one of France’s better bank holidays. Better because it falls during the holiday period and we usually have good weather for it. This year there was also the added bonus of … Continue reading

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On the campaign trail

Elections are looming and I’m not talking about the ones in the U.S., although given the stories floating out of the rumour mill that is our village, I could well be. The current mayor who has presided over the village … Continue reading

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The day they killed the pig

Something crunched underfoot as I crossed the courtyard and I was pleased that it was dark and that I couldn’t see the offending object. They had killed the pig here a few hours earlier and I was under no illusion … Continue reading

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Feeling like I was back at school

I shifted on the chair, the green plastic making my legs sweat and itch and the hot afternoon sunlight doing little to alleviate the discomfort. The tables in the canteen had been pushed back and somehow I had managed to find … Continue reading

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