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The demon shoe-eater

It’s hard to believe that this little chap.. looked this just a few weeks ago.. In a very short time he has become one of the more endearing aspects of the farm, as if 280 lambs weren’t enough. Don’t be taken … Continue reading

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Too much snow?

Living in the Alps means that we have a fair bit of snow and I suppose that by now everyone should be used to it. But when we had almost 30 inches in 24 hours even the dogs were at a … Continue reading

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Snow fun

If you’re ever at a loss about what to do in 22 inches of snow, then here’s some advice: Step 1: Climb onto garden table Step 2:  Lauch yourself off Step 3: Repeat all afternoon Have a good weekend!

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Pocket lamb

When this little fellow was born my husband immediately christened him Pocket lamb, or Agneau de Poche as the French like to say. He weighed in at about a kilo – which I suppose makes him the equivalent of a … Continue reading

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