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Skiing outside the sheep barn

There’s still plenty of action going on inside the sheep barn at the moment. We now have about 220 lambs (and counting) and of course their 270 mothers. Which keeps my husband and the dogs busy for most of the … Continue reading

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The day it stopped snowing

I’ve often wondered who has the most fun in the snow – the dogs or the children. A couple of weeks ago we had about 15 inches and while the kids went sledging in the fields the dogs managed to get some play time … Continue reading

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Saving the Lives of malnourished children

I put in a quick mention about the team at the International Medical Corps and their project “Saving the lives of malnourished children” in my last post. I would like to congratulate them on their inclusion in the Top 5 of the American Express … Continue reading

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Camping in Le Queyras

“Sounds good” I’d said when the idea of camping had come up over after a couple of glasses of Pastis. The alcohol nicely fuzzing memories of school-enforced camping trips. It was only now, entombed in my sleeping bag like an Egyptian mummy, that the memories … Continue reading

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Breakfast on Le Pic de Bure

I didn’t think anything could be more difficult than hauling myself out of bed at 4am. Five hours later I revised that opinion. In terms of effort and sheer exhilaration, hauling myself up a mountain certainly beat the drop from … Continue reading

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The 24 hour race

Ok, don’t look at me like that. I apologise for abandoning you. I can’t remember when that was exactly, but I think it was sometime between lambing and the start of our direct selling venture. It must have been after we finished pruning … Continue reading

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What a difference a day makes

From this….. to… well, if I hadn’t forgotten my camera leads you would probably be looking at a photo of beautiful rural Illinois by now, or on second thoughts, maybe just a picture of Walmart. After much discussion, my husband and I have … Continue reading

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