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Le Chauffeur

« Bloody maniac » I cursed, as I bounced and slipped on the seat of the Renault 5, regretting that there was no handle in the back to hold onto, and the fact that I’d agreed to come in the … Continue reading

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French For Beginners

The hunter squinted down the barrel, took careful aim then squeezed the trigger. “Oui! Oui!” he shouted, as the huge wild boar pelting across the field fell to the ground. I smiled, but his jubilation was short lived and before long … Continue reading

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It was stifling in the train.  The doors were still open, but the air in the station was suffocating, lacking any early morning freshness. I fanned myself with my ticket, catching the eye of the young, dark haired Frenchman sitting opposite. … Continue reading

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