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Leaving the Alps

It turned out to be a life-changing event, although I didn’t realize it at the time, sitting in that dingy office, squinting in concentration at the raven haired woman opposite me. How could I have known then, that my whole future would … Continue reading

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Walking on the moon

I sidled up to the edge of the plateau and looked over. A stream of pebbles carved a passageway down through slabs of worn stone, in a vertiginous descent towards the green smear of vegetation far below. I shuddered and … Continue reading

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The beam of light swept slowly across the field, then came to an abrupt halt. “Bloody Hell” said my husband, flicking the switch quickly, “there must be at least fifteen of them.” He closed the window and put the old … Continue reading

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Married on 4th July

It was five thirty in the morning of the night before. We had been in bed exactly an hour, when the blast of car horns began echoing off the walls of our small Alpine village. The door to the hotel room banged … Continue reading

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