Our highest field

The drought and heat of the summer are finally having repercussions on the land here. Apart from a couple of storms, we haven’t really had any rain since the beginning of June.

The lack of water means that the grass has dried and disappaeared a month earlier than usual this year, so this was the last time that the sheep were left to graze in the hills behind the farm. And when we went to fetch them we found them awaiting the dessert.

There’s a field that we stop off at on our way back home which has the remnants of alfalfa growing it. The sheep love it with the passion of a 3 star Michelin restaurant.

I love it because it has the most amazing views, especially early in the evening.

And whilst some of us feast with our eyes, others, just….


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11 Responses to Our highest field

  1. Great pictures…what views you have. The fields are slowly drying up here too, but my three sheep still find enough to eat.

  2. FeyGirl says:

    Just lovely… But here’s to wishing / willing you some much-needed rain!! ♥

  3. janina says:

    I love these sheep that look like goats….LOL…but, then, I like all sheep. What breed are these btw?
    Lovely country!

  4. glenda says:

    OH can I just come and visit just sit on the hillside and look at all the beauty

  5. glenda says:

    Hope you guys had a wonderful christmas

  6. Mountain Dweller – I have missed your blog! Your pictures are breath-taking and I enjoy looking at the sheep, too. I hope all is well. You are missed.

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