Harvest time (at last)

The wet and cold weather we had throughout the spring meant that all our crops were late this year. But all that water is certainly paying off now.

My husband dusted off the communal combine harvester yesterday and started on the oats.  Surprisingly, it looks like we’re going to have a record year.

We’re having to look for solutions to stock the surplus.

And that certainly makes a nice change!

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13 Responses to Harvest time (at last)

  1. walnut95 says:

    Your harvest looks a lot better than any in the UK at the moment. Crops are so green and unripen here. If you have any surplus send it over please …

  2. Great photos, the first photograph is beautiful 🙂

  3. gz says:

    a good harvest, that is a relief, and oats too- as they say, they are the reason that England grows strong horses and Scotland strong men!

  4. What a fantastic backdrop to the combine. I’ve just discovered your blog – love your photos.

  5. jmnartsy says:

    The top pic is fabulous! I presume you must have a silo of some sort….?!

  6. Gunta says:

    Your pictures brought back memories of when my husband used to work the wheat fields in Utah. Lovely.

  7. snowbirdpress says:

    We are having severe drought in most of our country (although where I am it has rained all the time)… but that does no good for the crops this year. You are fortunate because there are crop failures all over the world this year…. I hope you do find storage for your surplus… a farmer never knows when he’ll need it.

  8. Thank you for your comment. I know that we are having a good summer compared to many other places, even to the rest of France which has been having severe rain for months now.
    We have already found storage for the surplus – it’ll be put to good use.

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