Going haywire

A curious Préalpes sheep 

The sheep barn is not for the shrinking violet, and if you can’t face the attention and scrutiny from over five hundred pairs of eyes when you walk in, then you’re better off staying outside. In fact, unless you have severe hearing difficulties, or want them, then you’d be better off staying outside. Because the ewes’ competitive “I can stare you down any day” looks are accompanied by the “let’s deafen the hand that feeds us” syndrome.

The syndrome starts early afternoon. Even though they are stuffed to bursting point with cereals and straw, give the sheep one whiff of hay and it’s like standing next to a jumbo jet at take-off. The sheep barn transforms into a school canteen with 270 kids all clamouring for lunch at once, banging their knives and forks on the table until the food arrives. Well ok, forget the cutlery, but you get the picture.

I know. You’re looking at those “butter wouldn’t melt” photos and thinking who is she trying to kid…?

Young Préalpes sheep

…and they all look so cute you scream from my comments box. Well don’t be fooled, even the little ones take a break from the milk bar to bleat at the sheer excitement of it all.

A Préalpes lamb

And the funny thing is, once lunch has been served, they all look exactly like they do in the photos. And, alright, they are cute, I know.

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8 Responses to Going haywire

  1. Perhaps you should call this “Silence of the Lambs”??? 🙂

  2. Heidi says:

    I am giggling at CC’s comment above…but seriously, cute, cute, cute. That last picture is adorable, but the one before it cracks me up. They are staring me down! Even through the blogosphere!!! 🙂


  3. tut-tut says:

    Ha! Do a YouTube video of the whole thing, with all the bleating and bahs . .

  4. David says:

    Are they demanding what they want or telling you how much the love you for providing it? Video with sounds could be fun and yes they are so cute.


  5. J says:

    Nous aimons les jolies moutons!

  6. I often feel this way about my children when they have been exessively demanding. Everyone around me is saying, “Awww, they are sooooo cute.” And I’m just thinking, “Then TAKE ONE!”

    But, at the end of the day, when they are all fed, happy, and sleeping in bed, I’m so very glad that I still have them all.

  7. If you want us to be more sympathetic then you have to stop posting such adorable photos. 🙂

  8. Mary Alice says:

    Yes they are adorable….but I know how pictures can fool you. My dog looks regal in photos, but in reality he is a total goof ball.

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